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The Ducks & Us Songbook Movie

The Ducks & Us Songbook Movie

The Ducks & Us Songbook is a multi-media learning tool that combines environmental stewardship with self & social awareness, through the art forms of music, lyrical story-telling, 2D illustration, animation and video.

A diverse artists' collaboration, The Ducks & Us Songbook Movie adds a visual element to The Ducks & Us Song thanks to Art Institute of Seattle interns. Contact ELA for cultural or environmental program application info.


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Where The Ducks & Us Songbook Movie has played:

Anacortes Cinemas
Bainbridge Cinemas
California Academy of Sciences
Columbia City Cinema, Seattle
The Historic Admiral Theater
Northwest Film Forum's 5th Annual Seattle Bike-In Event
Oak Harbor Cinemas
Ocean Shores Cinemas
Olympic Cinemas
The Neptune Theater, Long Beach, Washington
The 2011 Salish Sea Ecosystem Film Festival
Shelton Cinemas, Shelton, Washington
Skyline Drive-In, Shelton, Washington
Stanwood Cinemas
Vashon Theatre special Audubon event

Art Institute of Seattle interns:
Catherine McConnell, Reese Kindle,
Haley Karnes, Nikki Nopens

Ducks & Us AIS interns

Heidi Narte

Senior Gardener, Seattle Parks and Recreation

"The Ducks and Us learning tool connects the arts, youth, and ecology in an innovative and exciting way to bring an important message...it would be great if this awesome song became a ‘standard’ song kids grow up singing."

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