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Emotion Literacy Advocates proudly presents...

Some members of our awe-inspiring team who contribute to Emotion Literacy Advocates by way of their fine talents, sense-abilities & generous spirits. We are grateful to each of these gifted individuals and to Catchafire, a peerless, skills-based volunteer-recruiting agency that provides ELA the opportunity to meet & collaborate with such brilliant individuals and, consequently, expand our learning resources and our reach.

Catch volunteer Dong (Summer) He

Dong (Summer) He

born: Beijing, China
reside: Sunnyvale, California


The ELA principles of understanding, accepting, and inclusively communicating emotion are very inspiring. It's my pleasure to be part of such an enthusiastic and meaningful team.

Catch volunteer Opelopejesu Owolabi

Opelopejesu Owolabi

born/reside: Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria


Working with ELA has brought out my hidden potential and has given me the opportunity to collaborate with professionals of different fields. Also, it exposed me to ways in which I can help people maintain their mental health by advocating for emotion literacy in school communities.

Catch volunteer Maria Karakis

Maria Karakis

born/reside: Bucharest, Romania


I had a great experience and this project meant a lot for me, because it was a very personal illustration and the visual style of the organization fits perfectly with mine. Furthermore, Pamela is an amazing person and a wonderful artist. We communicated a lot and we got to know each other better, which really helped me understand her needs for this project. I wish her & ELA the very best!

Catch volunteer Sandra Gomez

Sandra [Dolores] Gómez Amador

born/reside: México, CDMX


Working with ELA has been simply amazing! Pamela is quick to answer all my questions and always makes sure I feel comfortable with the timeline of the project. ELA is a wonderful non-profit that deserves recognition and admiration! Their work is outstanding. Moreover, the project Pinked is a beautiful, heartwarming short film that should be watched by everyone!

Catch volunteer Eileen Asher

Eileen Asher (she/her/hers)

born/reside: Columbus, Ohio


Working with ELA has opened my eyes even more to proper regard towards mental health and the team is incredibly dedicated to the work! 

Catch volunteer Gianna DeCamella

Gianna DeCamella

born/reside: Rochester, New York


I love being able to put my art and creative energy behind an organization that emits positivity in the world, and I believe that is what ELA is doing! Having the opportunity to promote emotional wellness while also being able to promote my own creativity is something that I'm immensely proud of. 

Catch volunteer Linda de Wit

Linda de Wit

born/reside: 't Zand, the Netherlands


I am happy to have been able to support the fascinating work of ELA. It was great to collaborate with Pamela on this project and to learn about ELA's mission in the process!

Catch volunteer Denise Barnhart

Denise Barnhart

born: West Virginia
reside: San Francisco Bay Area


I loved working with Pamela and learning about emotion literacy. Her work is so important, and the stories and songs disguise education as entertainment which makes learning fun. Doing research for the projects, I found information that helped me get through the loneliness of lockdown. I will definitely be following ELA’s work
from now on.

Catch volunteer Peiqing Lu

Peiquing Lu

born: Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
reside: Savannah, Georgia


Working with ELA gave me a great opportunity to put my creativity and artistic skills into practice. Throughout the collaborating process, I became more aware of my emotions and the importance of embracing them in my daily life. It's also a process of looking inside, which I found to be especially meaningful!

Catch volunteer Cedar~Rain Yellowmule

Cedar~Rain Yellowmule

 born/reside: Bernalillo
New Mexico


Not only has working with ELA  been a great experience to showcase my talent and skills but it has also allowed me to expand my knowledge on every premise of my personal connection to emotions and use of communication. Thank you Pamela for giving me this opportunity to contribute to ELA's mission.

Catch volunteer Nina Tripp

Nina Tripp

born: Middletown, New Jersey
reside: Raleigh, North Carolina


Working with Pamela and ELA has been a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the mission and materials of the organization as well as to expand my creative horizons with collaborative projects and mind-opening

Catch volunteer ia iarajuli

ia iarajuli

born: Tbilisi, Georgia
reside: Wakefield, Rhode Island


I am learning the importance of emotion literacy and the sense of freedom that comes from knowing my feelings. It is a process I couldn't be more grateful for, so thank you Pamela! I am so excited to bring awareness to such an important conversation that needs to be had. ELA is an eye opener! 

Catch volunteer Madeline Siagian

Madeline Siagian

born: Jakarta, Indonesia
reside: Los Angeles, California


It was very refreshing and intriguing, the combination of music, text and other mediums to address the complexity of emotion. It was challenging to include some of ELA's resources and its topics in one illustration. However, working with ELA and engaging with its contents has been one of the most educational experiences I have had as a person and an illustrator. 

Emotion Literacy Advocates