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Pinked opening crowd scene squared


(a musical animation about trusting & exploring your core perceptions)

Emotion Literacy Advocates was looking for a way to expand our arts-based resources and bring the message of our song Pink to a wider audience. Thanks to Catchafire, a skills-based volunteer-recruiting agency in New York, our animation-project post came to the attention of an artist in Savannah, Georgia, in search of a meaningful artistic enterprise.

Inspired by our first meeting with the gifted visual artist Peiqing Lu, Pamela & Daniel Sackett set out to create a visual script to align with our song Pink. The visual story expands the message of the song, juxtaposing the conceptual-metaphorical poetry of the song's first-person lyrics with the unfolding of a visceral-visual inside story of our searching, tender protagonist.

Our collaboration--in the works--is rendering Pinked, (with Pink, the original song, its soundtrack) and is turning out to be an exhilarating collaboration producing compelling animation & illustrations, transforming our song into an entrancing musical movie short.

We have enlisted the support of additional Catchafire volunteers, beginning with Sandra D. Gómez, who has created a Spanish translation for the movie and Opelopejesu Owolabi created a translation in Yoruba. Also, in the works are translations in Georgian, French, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese and Arabic. Our volunteers are researching diverse venues, far & wide, for Pinked...with a projected animation completion date: autumn 2021.

Please contact us if you want to join our venue-research team or are currently in touch with movie-short screening venues &/or vlogs!

Check back here for updates.

If you'd like to support this herculean labor, please donate!

Pinked animation stills

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