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Pinked opening crowd scene squared


From the Composer's Notebook: 

There most probably are droves of people who feel like I do at any given moment but it sure doesn't seem like it sometimes. Sometimes we do meet in that place of feeling but how can I be sure when you are not? And when we don't meet, where do I stand? My feelings have no facts and figures, no concrete proof, no readily available consensus to champion them. My feelings and aspirations rely upon me. And who am I without their telling and vital presence? Who am I without imagination and perception, language and connection, trust and protection, courage and reflection….. I need them all!

Pink, the song (4:42), is one of our stand-alone ELA learning tools, included as well in ELA's multi-arts online curriculum, as a self-reflective writing prompt. Pink is also the soundtrack for our up-coming musical animation short: Pinked.

-- Inspire thought, group discussion and insight.
-- Model the interplay of internal perception and communication.
-- Endorse the value of identifying feeling-based perceptions.
-- Encourage the practice of nuanced thinking for self and group understanding.

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Listen to the song:

Jennifer Johnson

"The calm, the soft place of whimsy has a bed of safety from the daily beckoning to betray ourselves. The outrageous possibility of Trust in this topsy-turvy time. The determination to say: 'It's me! It's what I feel!' For those of us who question everything including our very selves, Pink is a tender little home to crawl into and rest, in a field where the spin of chaos pauses."

Emotion Literacy Advocates