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Emotion Literacy Advocates offers tools to illustrate concepts,
spark self-reflection, discussion and enliven learning!

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Provocative books written by Pamela Sackett that will challenge how you think about emotion.

I Can by Pamela Sackett book cover

I Can: Twelve Ways to Witness the Heart

$9.95 Paperback, 4 x 6 inches, 76 pages; first edition, July 2019. 
Now available through Ingram for schools, book stores & libraries
Contact ELA for information and for scheduling an author presentation.

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I Can book testimonials
I Can book sample
I Can book Circle experience
I Can book's musical trailer


NEED FEEL WRITE  by Pamela Sackett book cover

Storied Picture Prompts
for the Brave Journaler

Energize your creative delving with cartoons, pithy stories & guiding questions (bring your own writing paper). NEED FEEL WRITE provides loving noggin nudges toward deeper contact with your own unique inner terrain.

Journaling offers the opportunity to slow your pace, sort and soothe what ails you and envision afresh. NEED FEEL WRITE serves you as food for thought and unequivocal encouragement for your self-reflective writing.

Pamela Sackett is an international performer, author, song & script-writer She is the principal artist, producer and founder of Emotion Literacy Advocates.

A cartoonist and illustrator, John Klossner's work appears in numerous publications including The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal & Reader's Digest.

NEED FEEL WRITE book testimonials & samples
NEED FEEL WRITE book's musical trailer
Now available through Ingram for schools, book stores & libraries
Contact ELA for information and for scheduling an author presentation.


I Can book musical trailer
NEED FEEL WRITE book musical trailer 
our growing collection of ELA originals here...

Booing Death by Pamela Sackett

Booing Death

$14.95 Paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 92 pages; first edition, July 2013. Learn more... 

Saving the World Solo by Pamela Sackett

Saving the World Solo

$16.95 Paperback, 7 x 7 inches, 163 pages, Published 2004. Learn more...

Speak of the Ghost by Pamela Sackett

Speak of the Ghost

$15.95 Paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 209 pages Published 1994. Learn more...

Want original, tried and trusted arts-based learning tools?
ELA resources have been successfully integrated into high school and university programs.


Songs, vignettes and moving pictures that illustrate emotion literacy



$8 compact disc with study guide.
A series of four-to-five minute radio-style vignettes designed to engage, inform and inspire listeners to discover new ways of thinking, talking about and viewing emotion. Learn more... 



FREE streaming/MP3 download.
Ovation: "...for the audience of you inside" is a confidence-inducing antidote for envy, peer pressure and comparison treachery ... Learn more...

Pink CD cover art


FREE streaming/MP3 download.
Pink: "...for the knowing-you inside" escorts the listener through a tender process  for strengthening clarity and trust  in one's own perceptions.  Learn more...

Want unique, tried and trusted arts-based learning tools?
ELA resources travel paths that open doors with rhyme and humor.


Explore our gifts to you
of introductory learning materials
and articles


Emotion Literate's Proclamation*

Original narrative that brings a more inclusive way of thinking about the fragile nature of human interaction.


5 Ways to Think Favorably
About Feelings*

Five Ways introduces basic ideas behind emotion literacy advocacy
and suggests larger concepts needed to approach self-understanding.

ELA's Guiding Principles & Values

ELA's Guiding Principles & Values*

Here is a list of eight points of reference with universal application in the world of humans and human interactions. 


A Far Cry* 
The Dangers of Institutionalizing “emotionAL literacy” 

Pamela provides a window into her conception of the term "emotion literacy"...when, why & how her definition, intent and application differs and challenges current uses of the term.



Pamela offers a glimpse into the sub-text of her EL advocacy.


Meditation on Intent*

A piece of Pamela's poetic verses integrated into language arts programs through her work as a teaching artist.

Giving Love the Last Word bk cover art with excerpt reference

* The above six downloads are excerpts from our up-coming book, pictured here. Click here to join our mailing list and we will notify you when the book becomes available. We anticipate a release in early 2025. 💜

Songbook & Study Guide Program LOGO

Songbook & Study Guide Program


Trailer for the Songbook Program
(audio glimpses from six of the twelve songs)

Word for Love, Ovation, Pinked, Full Spectrum Birthday Song 
Now for Romeo,The Ducks & Us


The Art of Emotion

Seattle Repertory Theatre's Education & Outreach interviews with ELA's founding artist, Pamela Sackett.

Seattle Repertory Theatre Company's
Prologue article excerpt

"Pamela has proven time and time again that her particular style and philosophy are not only beneficial, but necessary to the concepts of 'education and outreach' in the community."

Emotion Literacy Advocates