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Emotion Literacy Advocates offers tools to spark discussion,
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Provocative books written by Pamela Sackett that will challenge how you think about emotion.

I Can by Pamela Sackett book cover

I Can: Twelve Ways to Witness the Heart

$9.95 Paperback, 4 x 6 inches, 76 pages; first edition, July 2019. 

The I Can book is
Core concepts of emotion literacy, not a how-to manual;
Key narrative toward self-authority, not a "you should" thing;
Especially for those who influence the lives of children, not behavior-centric;
For navigating the delicate, nuanced and sometimes rough waters of feelings & needs.

The Story
After two decades of creating and producing songs and theatrical material to teach emotion literacy, Pamela worked with ELA board members to develop an arts-based online curriculum for deeper engagement with ELA concepts and content, some of which is featured on this site. The I Can book captures and characterizes the organizing principles of emotion literacy and serves as the foundation for the curriculum.
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+   $1.35 WA state tax
= $14.95 total

For Washington state purchasers.

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For purchasers outside Washington state.

Booing Death by Pamela Sackett

Booing Death

$14.95 + $3.65 shipping ($18.60), Paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 92 pages; first edition, July 2013. Learn more... 

Saving the World Solo by Pamela Sackett

Saving the World Solo

$16.95 + $3.65 shipping ($20.60) Paperback, 7 x 7 inches, 163 pages, Published 2004. Learn more...

Speak of the Ghost by Pamela Sackett

Speak of the Ghost

$15.95 + $3.65 shipping ($19.60) Paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 209 pages Published 1994. Learn more...

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Songs, vignettes and moving pictures that illustrate emotion literacy


The Ducks & Us Songbook Movie

$10 3-month video streaming rights, with study guide.
The Ducks & Us Songbook is a mini-movie that incorporates environmental and social-emotional learning—as well as reading and emotion literacy—through the art forms of music, lyrical story-telling, 2D illustration, animation and video.
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The Ducks & Us Song by Pamela Sackett

The Ducks & Us CD

$10 compact disc with study guide.
An original song CD featuring the Northwest Boychoir that focuses on wildlife safety and protection and compassionately juxtaposes the science of wildlife protection with the social-emotional nature of human engagement with wildlife. Learn more...

Full Spectrum Birthday Song CD by Pamela Sackett

Full Spectrum Birthday Song CD

$10 compact disc with study guide.
An original song CD that uses the universally shared phenomenon of birth to say all feelings are valid, ever present and worth celebratory embrace. Learn more...



$49 compact disc with study guide.
A series of four-to-five minute radio-style vignettes designed to engage, inform and inspire listeners to discover new ways of thinking, talking about and viewing emotion. Learn more... 



$5 streaming/MP3 download. "Ovation: for the audience of you inside" is a confidence-inducing antidote for envy, peer pressure and comparison treachery. Learn more...



$5 streaming/MP3 download.
Who am I without imagination and perception, language and connection, trust and protection, courage and reflection….. I need them all! Learn more...

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ELA resources travel paths that open doors with rhyme and humor.


Explore our gifts to you of introductory learning materials and articles


Emotion Literate's Proclamation

Original narrative that brings a more inclusive way of thinking about the fragile nature of human interaction.


5 Ways to Think Favorably About Feelings

Five Ways introduces basic ideas behind emotion literacy advocacy
and suggests larger concepts needed to approach self-understanding.


The Art of Emotion

Seattle Repertory Theatre's Education & Outreach interviews with ELA's founding artist, Pamela Sackett.

Seattle Repertory Theatre Company's Prologue
Pamela has proven time and time again that her particular style and philosophy are not only beneficial, but necessary to the concepts of 'education and outreach' in the community.