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ELSOTA! (Emotion Literacy School ON THE AIR!)


ELSOTA! (Emotion Literacy School ON THE AIR!) is a series of four-to-five minute radio-style vignettes designed to engage, inform and inspire listeners to discover new ways of thinking, talking about and viewing emotion. The five episodes of ELSOTA! are available on compact disk, complete with a sixteen-page study guide insert. Contact ELA details on health education and media program applications.

All five episodes of ELSOTA! are included in our arts-based communication skill-building program.

ELSOTA! provides entertaining and concrete situations to:
-- Inspire thought, group discussion and insight
-- Model self-awareness and authenticity
-- Show the value of knowing feelings
-- Encourage responsible actions in high-pressure situations

Audio CD or e-deliverable set of mp3s and printed or downloadable 16-page study guide.

The Story
ELSOTA! (Emotion Literacy School ON THE AIR) was written by Pamela and performed with local actors. Guy Nelson--at KUOW studios (Seattle's NPR affiliate)--recorded, engineered (including special effects), wrote the series' original theme song and narrated each show. ELSOTA! was endorsed by Seattle Public School District's Health Education Department and integrated into Seattle's high school health education curriculum, district-wide. The ELSOTA! vignettes also went on to be featured in public affairs radio programs for seven local radio stations, two of which claimed an audience of 50,000. See the blog for more details.

Listen to a clip: 


Wm Waldman, M.D.

It is wonderful to learn a new idea and even more wonderful to have lived it these past six months—simple, yet profound, used and useful—from ELSOTA! (Emotion Literacy School ON THE AIR): Is your/my behavior now hiding feelings or expressing feelings?