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I Can by Pamela Sackett book cover

I Can: Twelve Ways to Witness the Heart

A little book with big ideas, the I Can book coins a unique and comprehensive definition of emotion literacy as it was first envisioned by its author in 1992. In twelve brief, densely-written chapters, Pamela's manifesto captures and characterizes a moment-by-moment, hands-on application of her universally applicable concepts behind emotion literacy. Unlike her theatrical, musical or literary works, this is a plain English book that very directly encourages self-transparency and full-spectrum communication.

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Excerpt from author's intro message

"…what continues to stand out is that our human culture is prone to quick-fix, security-seeking twists and turns—no matter what the circumstances—and how fight/flight/freeze modes of operation overwhelm the mind and deter the heart’s transparency…in moments when my own defenses rise up against a threat—real or imagined—and won’t allow me to get next to that innermost part or even see it, understanding the barriers in my thinking process frees me to wake up to my vulnerability and reassuringly greet it. The I Can book speaks to the gravity of such a greeting, offering food for thought, guidance and encouragement for your own unique configuration of the journey within….on behalf of fully inclusive communication, insight-directed socially ethical interactions, I present my manifesto, distilled to twelve essences in progression…"

"...I am going through an emotional rollercoaster these days, I did the right thing reading the book, I regret not reading it sooner.😃 I could finally understand what emotion literacy actually is. I really loved it and enjoyed every part of the book..."
—Kaivalya Jain, psychology student 

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