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Step One:

Simply read three short chapters per week (aka: three Ways), then…

I Can pg 39

Step Two:

Reflect and write whatever comes to mind in response to the book’s content, in format of your choice, then…

I Can pg 40-41

Step Three:

Meet weekly, online, with your fellow explorers and share thoughts, questions, self-reflective writings (if so inclined) & discussion. 

I Can book Circle experience:

Any kind of group is welcome as an I Can explorer Circle 
family members

special interest associations

Self-formed group representatives are requested to coordinate dates/time options with I Can‘s author/Circle facilitator.

Price: $185 (includes I Can ebook)

~TWELVE WAYS, abbreviated~
COMMENTS from Circle experiencers...

I truly enjoyed and felt the benefits reading Pamela’s book I Can and being part of an I Can book Circle. Pamela’s knowledge and this whole experience helped remind me of the necessity to stay in touch with my feelings—it is too easy for me to forget this—I seek a path in discovering my best self and respecting my feelings is so essential in doing so. The Circle was a comfortable and encouraging setting and I always felt more complete after each session—I shall feel and express myself!
—Michael H., dancer/partner dance instructor

Participating in The Circle was a profound experience! Pamela has a knack for gracefully facilitating the ins and outs of intimate conversation, especially when focused on the deep well of emotional human experience. Pamela has truly dedicated her life’s work to the often mysterious, yet defining and archetypal components of our inner emotional lives, and what it means to honorably navigate in this space. She manages to gently hold space in such a way that encourages a distillation of the most essential and shared components of our inner lives. The Circle frequently moved me to be in deeper relationship with my own process, through a self-directed and emergent style, paired with thoughtfully cultivated-prompts, as well as through connecting with others also in deep pursuit…
…grateful for this experience.

—Circle member
I LOVED our Circle and reflect on it every day—it was a gem!.
—Carolyn S, “successful seeker”

John Klossner "afraid" cartoon for ELA
Pamela Sackett at Seattle author event/ bk signing for "I Can: Twelve Ways to Witness the Heart"

Note from I Can author and Circle facilitator...

Emotion literacy is a fundamental self & social awareness skill, a skill crucial for clarity and not just in extremely chaotic and confusing times. Any time is a good time to possess and refine one’s sense-abilities and discernment.

Creating characters for the stage taught me a lot about interior landscapes, hidden layers and how critical it is to read them in real life. In the context of emotionally-charged dialogue fraught with content in-between-the-lines begging for translation, emotion literacy is a beacon.

I have been pondering Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (and nuance) for years—as founder and principal artist of Emotion Literacy Advocates—writing and producing in diverse forms, presenting and facilitating discussions in high schools, universities, prisons, conferences, theaters and broadcast media. This kind of work inspires me to rigorously exercise my inquisitive brain.

Because I have made curiosity my practice, personally and professionally, I have come to trust and rely upon the inquiry process and this has remarkably improved my self-knowledge, quality of life and resilience, giving my survival brain some much needed rest.

I offer this program for stretching your capacity to dance with the “I do not know” factors in daily life. I offer this program to expand the definition of vulnerability to include open-hearted states of being as assets, strengths and treasures. I offer this program to connect you to specific tools to bridge your inside to your outside, freely and creatively.

—Pamela Sackett

Testimonials from Pamela’s similar narrative-mentorship programs:

Much of what was communicated today was exactly what I needed to help put my own experience in perspective at this moment.
—University of Washington Women’s Center workshop participant

The writing exercise was almost astonishing. You said it would surprise us, it really did…I can’t recall any other moments I could let words come to me so spontaneously.
—Seattle University student

The class gave me insight into what moves me…it was a wonderful format.
—Victoria, parent / Powerful Schools workshop

Because you are able to “read” the emotional content between the lines, the discussion about what I was writing nurtured me at the origin of my creativity process. Not once did I feel a set of values that were not my own guiding the discussion.
—Language arts teacher, novelist


"...I am going through an emotional rollercoaster these days, I did the right thing reading the book, I regret not reading it sooner.😃 I could finally understand what emotion literacy actually is. I really loved it and enjoyed every part of the book..."
—Kaivalya Jain, psychology student 

Emotion Literacy Advocates