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Speak of the Ghost by Pamela Sackett

Speak of the Ghost

This seminal work—chronicling the author's journey to retrieve a full spectrum of feelings—opened doors and laid the foundation for Sackett devoting her art to social change.

A series of seventy-eight finely detailed narrative poems, this material serves individuals moving through family of origin issues as well as facilitators looking for poignant and engaging prompts for therapeutic work and trainings.

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Paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 209 pages. Published 1994.


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Mary LeeLoo

Journey editor's review 

"Pamela uses poetry as I believe it is meant to be used: articulately and precisely, wielding the power of emotional truth, one syllable at a time. Through her expertise, those of us who read Pamela's work are offered gifts of vision, understanding, insight, and compassion. By her clarity and honesty, we are invited to look at our own interior landscapes. I have had the good fortune to hear Pamela speak her poetry and it moved me to the bones. Not just words put together in some random assemblage, Pamela's poetry is hers, each word speaking a truth she obviously came to as a result of the pursuit of her path. Uniquely hers, her work speaks to all of us from a place we are seldom called to from outside ourselves. Pamela's work is not easy but it is validating and affirming for those of us for whom easy is not the criteria upon which we choose our life path."

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