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Saving the World Solo by Pamela Sackett book cover

The Ducks & Us

The Ducks & Us—an original song CD featuring the Northwest Boychoir—focuses on wildlife safety and protection and compassionately juxtaposes the science of wildlife protection with the social-emotional nature of human engagement with wildlife.

The song artfully demonstrates—through stories gleaned from a year of researching duck "feeders" in urban parks—hearing, understanding and including human needs with non-human realities for a systems-thinking approach to environmental care and protection.

The Ducks & Us is the soundtrack for The Ducks & Us Songbook Movie which is included in our arts-based communication skill-building program.

-- To encourage personal power and responsibility by reinforcing that what each one does in our own back yard affects us all and the "natural" environment deeply.
-- To invite systems thinking by providing a tangible example of a food chain and social-emotional factors in environmental stewardship.

To inspire the transformation of our urban parks into safe havens for humans and wildlife.

The Story
The Ducks & Us uses music and storytelling as an alternative to signage to convey both the science of wildlife protection along with the social-emotional nature of human engagement with wildlife. Pamela wrote the song and performed it with local artists and thirty-two eleven year old boys from the Northwest Boychoir. 

See the blog for more details.

Compact disc or e-delivered mp3 with 8-page study guide insert or PDF, 6:39 minutes.


Listen to an audio clip

The Northwest Boychoir and conductor Ben Kromholtz en route to KUOW studios to record for "The Ducks & Us."

Ducks & Us boychoir to KUOW

Valerie Easton

Seattle Times / Pacific Magazine

"I listened to the song. How fun and such a smart way to approach the problem."