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Saving the World Solo by Pamela Sackett book cover

The Full Spectrum Birthday Song

The Full Spectrum Birthday Song (or Why Just Happy?)—an original song CD—uses the universally shared phenomenon of birth to say all feelings are valid, ever present and worth celebratory embrace. The song provides ready expression for adults wishing to expand their repertoire of unconditionally loving gestures that include entry-level, social-emotional concepts for children, students and social service community program recipients. Contact ELA for additional endorsements, social or cultural program application, study guide info and for group discounts.

The Full Spectrum Birthday Song is one of the twelve songs in our arts-based communication skill-building program.

-- Protect and support children's mental health and self-confidence through social-emotional learning.
-- Provide a valued resource for non-profit organizations that serve children, many of whom are at risk, all of whom need care and nurturance.
-- Deliver a delightful way to send a loving message to children.

The Story
Pamela created, performed and produced The Full Spectrum Birthday Song and spear-headed a pilot program by coordinating partnerships with twenty-three social service agencies in Oregon, Idaho and Washington to integrate the learning tool into programs for children and parents. 8,000 CDs were requested by these agencies, delivered and distributed, as teaching tool gifts. Among program partners are Pierce County Health Department, Idaho Department of Children and Family Services and Oregon Department of Child Welfare Services.

See the blog for more details.

Audio CD or e-delivered mp3 with downloadable study guide.

Listen to a clip:


Linda Miner

Family Support Partnership Supervisor @ Tacoma/Pierce WA State Health Department

"Just as a point of information, I reviewed the CD for the family partnership program in my car on the way to an event, my 9 year old grandson (who I am raising) loves it! He can listen to it over and over again for, literally, hours...thanks so much for your generosity."