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Ovation by Pamela Sackett CD cover


A confidence-inducing, antidote for envy, peer pressure and comparison treachery, this song champions the drawing of distinctions, tracking of sources and defining of terms. Such rigorous mental/emotional activity will not undo the ageless, primal need for social acceptance, but it might give our own vote more weight, alter the criteria and set a clearer precedent for meeting the tender developmental needs of our children.

Ovation, the song (4:44), is one of our stand-alone ELA learning tools and it is also included in ELA's Songbook & Study Guide curriculum, in songbook form, as a self-reflective writing prompt. For our info packet, see "Downloads," second row, under "Resources."

-- Inspire thought, group discussion and insight.
-- Endorse the value of knowing feelings & needs in tending to vulnerabilities.
-- Model self-determination in the light of esteem struggles.
-- Encourage full participation in evaluative situations.

FREE audio MP3 download/streaming, 2006.

Listen  to the song:

Ovation credits

Composer, performer & producer: Pamela Sackett
Instrumentals & sound effects: Guy Nelson
Sound engineering & photos: Daniel Sackett
CD cover illustration: Mark Magill
CD design: Tina Hottovy

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