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Do you think
about how
you think?

We do.

That's why we produce original songs,
scenes and verses to encourage
your self-authority, self-care
and understanding.

I know what it's like to be the person who, hard core, goes: "Feelings shouldn't matter." Like it just shouldn' can feelings matter when you need to survive? 

And—lo and behold—they kept mattering. They kept affecting me...

 ...I didn't think it was real that you could be that sad, you could be that hurt, you could be that traumatized that you lost, what felt like, lost control of your will. 

I didn't think it was real until it happened to me. Because nobody around me ever affirmed in any way that that could be real. Everyone around me made me think that if you could in any way be affected by your feelings that strongly, something was wrong with you. 

I tried five million different ways to pull myself up by my bootstraps and it didn't work until I started taking care of myself and realizing that my feelings were not obstacles to my productivity, they were information about who I was and what I wanted.

Ashley C. Ford, as spoken on the November 2, 2020 episode of The United States of Anxiety podcast "An Invitation To Dream."

Thanks, Ashley, for what you reflects, with such acuity, some of ELA's reasons for being here.

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John Klossner spectrum cartoon for ELA

The value of ELA is in its broad arrangement of opportunities for contemplation on how we, as individuals, experience and interpret the world, and in turn, how we each bring these experiences to life in the world around us through our language. By developing and using a vocabulary that is aligned to our unique emotional landscape, for which the ELA curriculum is designed, we begin to experience a life that has been lived by no other, a life of experiences that can be wholly embraced as one’s own.
~Dani Hochleutner, MS, LPC

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One Thing For Sure About...Video Series w/ELA Founder Pamela Sackett

Each episode in the series runs under two minutes
covering key topics in Pamela's disclosing style 
including her own struggle with each of the topics
and a glimpse into how she handles it 
with references to resources offered
for further exploration.

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Dive Deeper

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"...engaging and lively! We were so pleased with the ELA program and feel that it added to our  focus on the theme of 'Believe in Yourself'."
—Seattle Children's Museum

"Pinked" songbook movie excerpt

Here's a glimpse into our newly produced songbook movie: Pinked!

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